Aviation medical focuses on the health and well-being of aviation professionals. It involves the assessment, certification, and monitoring of individuals involved in aviation activities, as well as the identification and management of any medical conditions that may affect aviation safety.

Dr Louis Beak is a qualified Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and a member of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine (ASAM). He conducts the following Aviation Medical services:

• CASA Class 1, 2, 3 Aviation Medical Examinations; Private and Commercial
• ECG and spirometry services onsite.
• Audiograms onsite one Friday per month, otherwise can be organised off-site (see below for further information).

Common Q&As

How soon before my certificate expires should I have my medical done?

Ideally 2-4 weeks before your current certificate expires. Please book your appointment to see Dr Beak well in advance of this.

Before your appointment

Applicants are required to complete CASA’s online medical questionnaire on the medical records system MRS2 prior to attending.

If it’s an initial appointment for Class 1 or 3, the applicant will need:

  1. An eye examination with a Designated Aviation Ophthalmologist (DAO) or Certified Aviation Optometrist who will submit their report directly to CASA. A referral is not required and a list of providers can be found on the CASA website.
  2. Pathology for cholesterol and glucose (fasting). Upon your request, Dr Beak can provide a pathology request form prior to your appointment. This should ideally be completed a few days before your appointment so that results are available – have fasting bloods (water only after dinner and upon waking) taken in the morning at your local S&N or QML collection centre.
  3. Hearing test – this can be done at any Audiologist. We have an Audiologist on-site one Friday per month, otherwise we recommend Neurosensory or Connect Hearing. They will provide you with a report to bring to your appointment.
  4. The ECG will be done onsite at Medical Super Clinic Benowa.

During your appointment Dr Beak will review your responses, complete the medical and submit to CASA.

A copy of your medical certificate will be provided to you.

What to bring to your appointment

• Photo identification
• Recent test results and specialist letters
• A list of all medications including over-the-counter
• Any corrective glasses or contact lenses including spare (back up) glasses
• Name and contact details of your regular GP, specialist/s, dentist.
• Your most recent aviation medical certificate


Class 1 and 3 Aviation Medical: 0
Class 2 Aviation Medical: 0
Additional Tests if required as per CASA guidelines:

  • ECG: $50
  • Blood test (can usually be directly billed to Medicare)
  • Audiogram (private fee at discretion of audiologist. Approx. $60-$90)

For further information about aviation medical bookings and fees, and to arrange your appointment, please call 07 5619 7000.