Medical Super Clinic is a registered immunisation provider: storing and administering vaccinations in line with the national guidelines.

In our commitment to protecting the community from potential virus threats, both COVID-19 and flu vaccines play a crucial role. This is especially important for elderly patients or individuals with chronic conditions who may be at higher risk of developing severe illnesses from the flu or other viruses. Your GPs are fully equipped to provide vaccination services for patients of all ages.

Childhood vaccinations are an important step in minimising preventable illnesses. If you are planning to start a family, it’s essential to ensure that your vaccinations are up-to-date. Vaccination against whooping cough, in particular, is highly recommended to prevent serious risks to newborns. We encourage you to discuss the most appropriate timing for receiving the whooping cough vaccine with one of your friendly GPs. 

Additionally, family members, such as grandparents, should also receive the whooping cough vaccine before visiting newborns. To book a vaccination appointment, please utilise our convenient online booking system or contact our friendly staff.