Medical Super Clinic Benowa offers iron infusions for both new and existing patients. The procedure will take approximately 40 minutes and is a fast and effective method for replenishing iron stores in the body.

By receiving iron intravenously, you can experience a speedy resolution of symptoms associated with iron deficiency, such as increased energy levels. This treatment is particularly beneficial for those with anaemia, as it can help them avoid the need for a blood transfusion. An iron infusion offers a convenient and efficient solution for restoring iron levels, improving overall well-being, and reducing the need for more invasive interventions.

Iron infusions will likely require either a doctor’s referral or recent blood tests. If your doctor requests for you to get an iron infusion, you can visit our clinic for the procedure and then return to the care of your usual GP. There may be an out-of-pocket fee for this procedure. 

For assistance in managing iron levels, or to book an iron infusion, contact us or book an appointment online.