Transforming Lives with our Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Clinic

Endometriosis Clinic

A significant milestone was reached on January 18, as Medical Super Clinic Benowa officially opened its Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Clinic on the Gold Coast.

The esteemed ceremony was presided over by Hon Ged Kearney MP, Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care, marking a momentous step in the clinic’s commitment to providing specialised care for those grappling with these conditions.

Hon Ged Kearney MP, in her role as Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care, highlighted the clinic’s alignment with the federal government’s initiative to establish 22 specialised clinics across Australia, emphasising the need for accessible and expert care.

Patient Leticia Avila shared her inspiring journey, illustrating the transformative impact of timely intervention and specialist treatment. Diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis, Leticia’s story resonated with attendees, underlining the importance of dedicated care.

The clinic has been operational since July 2023 and has already seen an overwhelming response, providing support to 350 patients. The clinic’s multidisciplinary approach, integrating medical expertise with allied health services, ensures a comprehensive and holistic experience.

Apart from diagnosing and treating conditions, the clinic remains steadfast in its commitment to educating patients, engaging in community outreach, and ensuring that women with endometriosis have access to the support and treatment they rightfully deserve.

The clinic’s commitment, coupled with the support of the federal government and the local community, promises a brighter and healthier future for those in need.

The grand opening was not only a celebration of a new healthcare facility but a testament to the clinic’s dedication to providing compassionate and specialised care, ultimately transforming lives within the community.

Written by Jacqueline Latimer

Medical Editor

Medical Super Clinic Benowa is dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services to the Gold Coast community. We place high importance on preventive healthcare, promoting regular check-ups, screenings, and encouraging healthy lifestyles. Our modern and hygienic clinic caters to your wellbeing with spacious waiting areas and private consulting rooms.

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